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At Lake Animal Hospital, senior animal companions hold a special place in our hearts. With all the advancements in veterinary medicine, pets are living longer than ever have before. However with this increased lifespan comes an increase in the variety of medical conditions and ailments that can afflict senior pets.

As pets approach 10 years of age, they often require a bit more attention to their health care needs. Just as the health care needs of humans change as we age, the same applies to pets. It is well known that senior pets have a higher incidence of such conditions as major organ failure, benign and malignant tumors, mobility concerns such as arthritis, neurologic changes including memory loss, and changes in senses such as hearing and vision.

Pets age much faster than people, so health problems can progress much more rapidly. In addition, dogs and cats may not show any signs of even serious diseases until they are quite advanced. Your companion has a better prognosis if illness and diseases are detected early. To optimize your senior pet’s wellbeing, we recommend a number of preventive steps to ensure early detection and treatment of emerging diseases. Many medical conditions and diseases can be treated or managed, while enhancing longevity and quality of life.


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Senior Pet Care Preventative Steps Include:

  • Annual senior wellness exams
  • Attention to dental care to keep the mouth comfortable and healthy
  • Behavioral assessment to evaluate for age related neurologic changes
  • Bloodwork to check for organ function including diabetes, liver, kidney, and thyroid diseases.
  • Nutrition, weight, and body condition evaluation
  • An orthopedic and mobility assessment to identify joint ailments such as arthritis
  • Pain assessment to recognize and develop a pain management program




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