Compassionate, End-of-Life Care for Your Pet


With advancements in veterinary science we have been able to provide pets with longer and healthier lives, but there still comes a point when a pet nears the end of their natural life.

After all treatment options have been exhausted, it’s important to assess your beloved animal companion’s quality of life. At some point, you may have to face the tough question of whether or not to have your pet humanely euthanized.

Our veterinary staff is prepared to guide you through the process with all the compassion and respect that you and your pet deserve. We understand the bond between you and your pet, and during this difficult time as you face the end of your pet’s life, we want to help. Our veterinarians and staff offer you compassionate advice, care, and support.

When your pet’s quality of its life is such that you feel euthanasia is necessary, we will help you provide a peaceful and gentle goodbye for your pet. First a relaxing and pain-relieving sedative is given. You will have time to visit and say your final good-byes as this sedative takes effect. When you are ready, a final dose of medication is administered that help your pet pass away peacefully. We provide a memorial paw print card as part of any euthanasia service. We will then assist you with arrangements for care of your pet’s remains including cremation and home burial.


Lake Animal Hospital’s End-of-Life Services:

  • Hospice and Comfort care including pain management
  • Compassionate euthanasia
  • Cremation services including group or individual private
  • Memorials including a wide choice of urns and burial markers
  • Paw prints as a special reminder of your friend

Facing the final stages of your animal family member’s life is one of the most difficult times for any pet owner. At Lake Animal Hospital, we know how difficult it can be to say goodbye to your best friend.


Let us help make your difficult goodbye peaceful and gentle. Contact us today to discuss your pet’s end-of-life options. (651) 426-1381




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